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MKV v AJ 2015-Hodina 7 (Racism, Irregular verbs)

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    Autor: Tkaný, Pojsl

    The aim of the class: Practising irregular verbs through the game. Students will be confronted with the racism and its illogical background. They will discover the interesting information about their own name and names of their classmates. They will practise the basic skills of how to form a question. At the end of the lesson the students will get to know wise sayings from all around the world and then compare it with the Czech equivalents

    Popis přípravy:

    1.     Warm-up activity: The story of your name

    The students will be divided into pairs. Each of the students will receive a piece of paper with the information about the name of his/her neighbour. Their task will be to introduce the name of his/her classmate in front of the whole class. Then they will switch the roles. The teacher may ask the students what was the most interesting information concerning their name. Many names have also many different origins and even though they are frequent in the Czech Republic they may have various countries of origin.

    Other possible question:

    •       Do you know some famous person with your name?

    •       Would you change your name? If so, what would it be?


    •       How you "got" your name? Who named you and why?