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The British Royal Family

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    Jazykový cíl: Žáci umí vyjádřit rodinné a příbuzenské vztahy

    Kulturní cíl: Žáci umí popsat rodinné a příbuzenské vztahy v britské královské rodině


    Activity 1

    • The students will get this list of names:
      • Camilla                      Harry                          William
      • Diana                         Kate                            Philip
      • George                      Charles                       Elizabeth II.
    • Read the names together, so that the students know how to pronounce them.
    • Play the following video twice. The student´s task is to number the names in the correct order - how they can hear them it the video.
    • The correct answers are – 1. Elizabeth II, 2. Philip, 3. Charles, 4. Camilla, 5. Diana, 6. William, 7. Harry, 8. Kate, 9. George
    •  Now the teacher can ask students a few questions:
      • Where does the family live?
      • Why is the family special?
      • Who is the most important person from the family?

    Activity 2

    • The teacher shows the first picture on the board and the students will try to say the names of the family members. The teacher also asks the students what are the roles of the family members in the picture and if they don´t know, he will tell them – e.g.: Kate is George´s mother. Charles is Elizabeth´s son.

    • Then the teacher shows the picture with the real names.